The official date of the opening of "Kvadrocenter" is in the spring of 2011. From this time on the Kazakhstan market of mototechnics appeared strong and stable company, whose main objective is to provide the population with modern, comfortable and economical means of transportation.

The main directions of activity of "Kvadrocenter":

- Mototechnics - Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles, bicycles and electric bicycles. "Kvadrocenter" - is the company, unique in its kind, because targeted at people. Desire to show, to prove and to explain the benefits of using the Kazakhs two-wheeler is one of the social objectives of the company.

- Equipment - it is not just an additional way to ensure your protection, but also an opportunity to emphasize your individual originality. On the basis of "Kvadrocenter" created a separate line for the production of its own line of motorcycle apparel «HAWK Moto». Collection of clothing and accessories «HAWK Moto» meets all safety standards, as well as identifying new trends of design and comfort.

- Parts - the company "Kvadrocenter" has in stock all the major consumable parts. In addition, in order to optimize service of motorcycles is opened internet - shop of auto parts «GSP». Delivery of spare parts is carried out in Kazakhstan.

- Customer service - the decision to open a service center made taking into account the social orientation "Kvadrocenter" - responsibility to the buyer from the date of sale and throughout the period of operation.

"Kvadrocenter" is the only representative in Kazakhstan ATV Diesel GS, the official dealer of «Racer», the exclusive dealer of «Irbis» and such a moto - giant as "Ural".

"Kvadrocenter" is the most dynamic company in the motorcycle - technical market of Kazakhstan. Customer focus, a wide variety of motorcycles, service, and understanding of the culture of moto, bicycle - transport allows the company "Kvadrocenter" to accept strategic decisions and move forward.


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Central office:
+7 778 229 15 73
+7 (7172) 44 25 01
The Republic of Kazakhstan
Astana, av. Bogenbai batyra, 56