About Us

The company was founded in 2011 by a group of enthusiasts and lovers of extreme sports, travelers and businessmen from Kazakhstan.
The company's activity is focused on the supply of reliable motor vehicles, original spare parts and high-quality accessories to the Kazakhstan market.
By 2019 the company has in its portfolio exclusive rights to brands that have become legendary in the producer countries: Russian mechanics (Russia), Bajaj (India), Zid (Russia), Brenta (Italy), Hawk Moto (Kazakhstan), All-terrain vehicles Tinger (Russia).
Thanks to the Kvadrocenter company citizens of Kazakhstan can get really high-quality motor vehicles and service throughout the Republic.
Kvadrocenter brand is represented in 16 (in all) regions of Kazakhstan.
The trust exerted by international companies in the
Kvadrocenter brand is justified by high sales, satisfied customers and awards.
According to the “National Business Rating of Kazakhstan”,
Kvadrocenter received the following achievements:
Industry Leader 2016
Leader of the Year 2017
1st place (gold) “Contribution to the state budget” among enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan
1st place (gold) "Trustworthy taxpayer" among enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The company occupies more than 50% of the snowmobile market and is a leading supplier of motor vehicles, spare parts and accessories to government agencies.
Kvadrocenter supports all significant motorcycle events in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is engaged in the popularization of the culture of moto movement, the development of moto-tourism and motor sports in Kazakhstan.
The company, together with the Hawk Moto brand, is the sponsor of Kazakhstan motorcycle travelers. (Petrukhin, Nastya - Man).
For dealers and partners
Kvadrocenter regularly holds conferences and trainings to present new products, increase competitiveness and discuss the development of the Kazakhstan market. Join our team or become a dealer in your area.