Innovative odor neutralizer for Hawk-Moto helmet
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Product Code: Инновационный нейтрализатор запаха для шлема Hawk-Moto

Smell Neutralizer for Helmet

An innovative odor neutralizer for the helmet is able to eliminate any unpleasant odors, thereby ensuring cleanliness and hygiene of your helmet. Due to the multi-component composition (water, isopropyl alcohol, deodorizing additive, etc.), it is possible to provide a comprehensive action by neutralizing any sources of unpleasant odor. This odor absorber is often tested by athletes, motorcyclists, rental companies, and other users.

The HAWK MOTO odor neutralizer is an innovative molecular-based product that has no counterparts around the world.

To buy the odor neutralizer is important for people who are on the road for a long time, travel frequently, and also have a tendency to excessive sweating.

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