TTR 125R motorcycle
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The 2021 IRBIS TTR 125R motorcycle is a new generation of the popular pit bike with an improved 125cc 4-stroke engine. This motorcycle is a joint development of the Russian company IRBIS MOTORS and the French company APOLLO MOTORS. The pit bike is suitable for beginners and experienced riders. Compared to the previous generation, the TTR 125R has got an updated reinforced frame, welded seams are carefully welded and checked. The frame has undergone anti-corrosion treatment and polymer painting. Additionally, plastic overlays are attached to the frame to protect the boots and the frame. Reinforced steering wheel, variable section, with soft grips and an additional damper pad on the cross member. The sports wheels are built from high-strength 14/17 inch steel rims and hard-wearing tires with aggressive off-road tread. The pit bike is stable on all types of road surfaces and off-road. Comfortable seat with optimal rigidity and anti-slip coating will hold any rider. Reinforced steel swingarm, 428 drive chain. The suspension does an excellent job with any irregularities. The rear shock absorber is protected by a casing. An inverted telescopic fork is installed in front, which significantly increases its working stroke. Disc brakes provide confident braking on all types of road surfaces.

Система запуска Система запуска Электростартер, кикстартер Главная передача Усиленная цепь 428
Dimensions Длина/Ширина/Высота 1900/780/1130мм
Engine 4тактный 4-ступенчатая, механическая Система питания карбюратор
Максимальная скорость 90 км/ч
Мощность Мощность, л.с. при об/мин 7,9 л.с. при 8000 об./мин Крутящий момент, Н-м при об/мин 9,0 Н.м. при 4000 об./мин
Объем 119,7 куб.см
Охлаждение воздушное
Frame Пространственная, трубчатая, стальная.
Gas tank
Fuel tank capacity 3,2 л
Подвеска Передняя подвеска Телескопическая перевёрнутая вилка Задняя подвеска Маятниковая с моноамортизатором
Weight 72 кг
Wheelbase Колёса Спицованные Передняя шина 70/100-17 Задняя шина 90/100-14
Тормозной механизм Тормозная система Гидравлическая Передний тормоз Дисковый Задний тормоз Дисковый

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