Innovative odor neutralizer for Hawk-Moto shoes
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Product Code: Нейтрализатор запаха для обуви инновационный Hawk-Moto

Smell neutralizer for shoes allows you to eliminate unpleasant odors that can cause serious discomfort to a person. In order to prevent the appearance of a similar problem, the tool must be used regularly. The effect that can be achieved is the immediate destruction of the smell of sweat, disinfection of shoes, as well as antifungal prophylaxis.

ü Completely eliminates unpleasant smell

ü Hinders the development of fungi and bacteria

ü Provides cleanliness and hygiene equipment

ü It has a long lasting refreshing effect.

ü Dries quickly and is suitable for daily use.

The HAWK MOTO shoe odor neutralizer is an innovative molecular-based product that has no counterparts around the world.

To buy the odor neutralizer is important for people who are on the road for a long time, travel frequently, and also have a tendency to excessive sweating.

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