Leather gloves "Scorpion"
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Product Code: Перчатки кожаные "Scorpion"
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Gloves, black as night, - leggings "SCORPION" - with protection of "knuckles" and phalanges of fingers are made of soft cowhide leather of the highest manufacture. As befits full-fledged track leggings - these gloves are designed to provide maximum protection from the fingertips to the beginning of the forearm.


- Protection of the upper part of the hand;

- Protection of the phalanges of the fingers;

- Reinforced plastic palm protection;

- Separate large protection on the cuff;

- Indelible leather on the palm;

- Touchescreen on the index and thumb;

- Double closure at the cuff;

- Additional "tongue" for putting gloves on the hand

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